November 30, 2009


When we got our new puppy in July she seemed so small, weighing just 12lbs. (to see Sadie as a wee puppy click here). She is growing at some ridiculous exponential speed is now a whopping 43 lbs... and still growing!! People often mistake her for different breeds, spaniels in particular but she is a Red and White Irish Setter (also not to be confused with the more commonly known red Irish Setter). Red and Whites Irish Setter are a distinct breed recognized by the CKC and the AKC. For any of you dog lovers out there that are curious about this breed, check out this link to read all about Red and White Irish Setters:

Poor thing wasn't really sure what was happening to her when I was trying to take pictures of her in my studio, but as long as I kept the treats coming she didn't seem to mind too much.

OK, maybe, just maybe, she was done with getting her picture taken at this point :)


I have been trying to get pictures done of my family for quite some time now. Although I have been very busy with sessions, the problem with family photos is more about getting everyone in the mood (good mood that is) at the same time!! And for the record, it is just a wee bit challenging trying to get ME in the pictures too. (I am after all, part of the family too aren't I?). Oh and by the way, if anyone has any tips on how to get a dog to look at the camera when there is no one there to look at (I had to use the nifty timer on the camera so that I could run to be in the picture too...) I am all ears LOL!

This is how the session went in my mind: I set up the camera and the lights. Everyone else sits nicely, including the dog, looks at the camera and smiles...I set the timer, run over to join my family, 2 or 3 shots later voila~family photos! I am a photographer...I deal with toddlers all the time so how hard could this really be?

This is how the "session" went in reality:
Notice how how little missy in pink is the only one aware of the camera. This is usually the case. She is internally wired with camera radar and can put on the camera face in the blink of an eye :) Also take note of my son...somehow I don't think boys are wired with said camera radar. Of course the dog has noooo idea what she is getting herself into, she just thinking that the background paper looks good enough to rip to shreds!
OK, now Dad get's involved and I am sure that at this point they are calmly explaining to the dog what is expected of her...
Several (possibly many dozens, but who's counting) attempts later....we are getting closer....

Many more attempts, what dog? Does she really need to be in the picture?

Of course she does! I was very determined to get at least one of all 5 of us that worked. I just had to change things up a bit...maybe it was the white background that Sadie didn't like...

Now back to this internally wired camera radar thing...some people just love the camera:

While others, well, really can't be bothered...

Seriously though, after all the hard work, a little flattery, a little the end I got what I wanted, some great photos of some pretty darn great kids :) and at least one photo of all of us together...without having to photoshop someone in!!

This next one wasn't part of our session, it was taken earlier in the fall, but I thought I would throw it in here anyway since it's one of my favourites.

Stay tuned for the next post...Sadie's session. I figured I was on a roll, I might as well keep snappin' the pictures while I had the chance.

November 10, 2009

What you missed... {Durham Region Newborn Photographer}

...if you didn't get a newsletter :) This special promotion is on for the month of November. Not only can you give someone you love a great gift for Christmas that they will truly appreciate (no one will be re-gifting this one!) but you get your own gift with it!! Doesn't get any better than that!

November 5, 2009

'Tis the season...

As hard as it might be to believe, Christmas is right around the corner! Mental note to self: start shopping early!

I photographed these twins back in the summer for their newborn session (they've grown a bit!) and they recently stopped by the studio for some holiday pics!

November 4, 2009

As promised...

...a couple more from my session with "E".

5 days old...

I am working on the images from this gorgeous little girl's session, trying to narrow down a few sneak peeks for my blog. I have a few more selected to preview, (still editing those ones) but I am just too excited to wait to share this one with Mom and Dad...You guys were so awesome! Thanks for a great session! Parents like you make my job so much easier and more fun!! I certainly can't forget to thank little "E" too. You were such a good little sleeper during the whole session!! That's why we were able to get this shot :) I will post a couple more shots later tonight.

November 3, 2009

Sometimes... really is more fun to be silly :) Catching up with a few more sneak peeks. This was a mini session for some holiday cards, so the session was short and sweet and the boys didn't have time to get bored and grumpy. I know these little monkeys personally and that always makes a session more challenging because they feel comfortable to behave any 'ole way they want! Luckily that day they were in a happy mood! As I'm sure most photographers, and parents for that matter, would attest to, for every one "serious" shot, there are usually many more slightly less serious ones...Personally I think I like those ones the best!

More recent session sneak peeks to come tomorrow...

So behind!!

Yes, I have been falling a bit behind in my sneak peeks...but I am going to try to catch up today.

This family came for a session a couple of weeks ago. You might actually recognized some of the children from a session back in September (check it out here). Mom brought baby "K" in for some newborn photos when he was just a few days old, and they all came back for some family shots. We got some really great individual shots during this latest session...but let me tell you, getting 5 kids to cooperate ~ at the same time ~ is most certainly a challenge. Mom had realistic expectations during this shoot and I know she will be pleased that all 5 of her kids are at least in one picture together even if it isn't the most traditional pose LOL! Don't worry Mom...I got some great shots, I'll be in touch soon.
Just for fun we put baby "K" back on the scale to see how much he had grown in the last few weeks...:)

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