March 30, 2010

All dressed up.... {Durham Region Child Photography}

I have not yet had a chance to go through all of this family's photos, but I just had to share a few photos that caught my eye. We did some formal and casual shots the other day, and I just love how pretty little T looks in her pink dress! She was an absolute hoot, and she loved my dog, so she came come back any time! We had to use the bribe of getting to visit with my dog Sadie at the end of the session if she would be a good listener and co-operate during the session. :) Of course I always love the more casual shots like the one of her with her big sister. Big sister T had such a quiet beauty about her. (I'm pretty sure she liked Sadie too, she just wasn't quite as vocal about it!) And check out baby A's eyelashes!! I could only dream to have long lashes like that!

March 29, 2010

Fun girls only session! {Oshawa Children's Photography}

Grandma, Mom and girls came out for this fun girls generation session last week! I have soooo many photos to choose from that I had a very difficult time narrowing down a few for a sneak peek. How cute are these sweet little girls!? And their older cousin was such a natural in front of the camera - she was striking pose after pose!

March 27, 2010

Growing so fast! {Durham Region Baby Photographer}

I love it when my clients come back for their 'Watch me Grow!' sessions, because I love seeing, well, how much they have grown!! It's amazing how fast babies change at such a young age. Cheeky baby N was smiley at 3 months old...whenever I put the camera down! When it was time for her pictures for the most part she preferred the more serious look :) (I did manage to capture a couple of little smiles)

March 25, 2010

9 days old... {Durham Region Newborn Photographer}

All I keep thinking about when looking at sweet baby N's photos is how pink and fresh she looks! And just look at the picture of her with her daddy, I just love this photo! She looks like she is puckering up her lips for a kiss. She was the sweetest little thing during our session, and it was a joy to meet her and her parents. Thank you so much for your patience in waiting for some sneak peeks!

Have I ever mentionned that I love newborns......

March 22, 2010

12 days old | Durham Region Newborn Photographer

Well after entering the world a little late and a couple of rescheduled sessions I finally got to meet beautiful baby K. As with most babies, he made us work a little to get him to sleep but once he was out it was smooth sailing! It being March Break last week, I decided to take a little break myself while my kids were home from school and got to enjoy a bit of rest and relaxation and some of that fabulous weather we had here in Southern Ontario. Unfortunately my photo editing fell a little behind because of this :) Thank you so much N & H for your patience in waiting for your sneak peeks! More newborn peeks to come later this week!

March 9, 2010

A little known fact about me...

I am a perfectionist. There. I said it. I like certain things to be perfect (apparently the cleanliness of my home does not fall in this category!) and my photography is one of them. Making decisions is another one of them. What if I make the wrong decision? Then the outcome won't be perfect. Some of you that know me will attest to this fact. I can't shop for clothes or choose a restaurant or which movie to watch because of this :) Ask my husband and he will tell you that I can't even go shopping at the grocery store without being weighed down with this stress. He has left me standing many a times staring at the shelves wondering "should I get the milk chocolate chips or the semi sweet? The BBQ chips or the sour cream and onion?"
As a client you might be thinking that perfectionism is a good thing in my photography, LOL! Not to worry, I will always strive to give you that perfect image! Let me tell you though, this need to have everything perfect is making me miss out on capturing the day to day lives of my family. I have somehow over time lost the ability to just take snapshots. I get very caught up in the perfect lighting, my obsession with not using the dreaded on camera flash, the perfect background, is the photo tack sharp etc...And that's before I even get it to the computer - don't even get me started about post-processing!! I think the more my equipment has expanded, the more I lost my way in documenting my family's lives. That's wrong. That's sad. So today I have vowed to do something about this. I want to get back to candid photography: just point and shoot and remember to love the moment, not the technical perfection of the photo. To help me keep on track I will occasionally post some candid moments from my life.

Let's start with today. BTW, does anyone else find the transformation from sleepy indoor dog to crazy outdoor dog as disturbing as I do? (she really is a very sweet dog...really, I swear!)

Dude, seriously... Should I have told him that the stick might be just a little big?

BTW, this post took me a very long time to put together as I was busy trying not to make it perfect ;)

no babies this time :) | Durham Region Family Photographer

Here is a lovely couple I met with recently. It was a nice change to photograph only adults, but I am looking forward to my next newborn that is coming this week!

March 8, 2010

Cake smash | Whitby Children's Photographer

Here's the problem with cake smash sneak peeks: I have come to realize that a "story" needs to be told with the photos, because the wonderful thing about a cake smash session is the progression from "Uh, you're not really giving me permission to make a mess are you?" to "Wow, I think I might need a bath!" By the way, that last comment applies to mom, dad, photographer and baby!! Anyway, the point is several photos are needed to tell this story, and this takes a little time, so I do apologize to the 'L' family for the delay in posting some peeks from 'B' session! There are many more to come in your gallery, so I'll be in touch soon!

March 2, 2010

Beautiful Baby Belly | Whitby Maternity Photographer

I had so much fun with this lovely couple during their baby belly session. We got some gorgeous shots, as well as had some fun with some more lighthearted ones. It really doesn't get much better than sessions like this ... well, unless there is a newborn involved ;) Speaking of newborns I am so looking forward to meeting their little one in a few weeks!! By the way, J, you were right about A's hair in this first looks beautiful down.

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