September 27, 2010

Patience..... {Oshawa Child Photography}

Two of my favourite kiddos!! For my dear friend Margaret....thank you for your patience! :) Hope it's worth the wait!

So much fun! {Durham Region Maternity Photographer}

I had such a fun session with {R} and {A} the other day! I always have the greatest clients, these two were certainly no exception. Quite amazing really, that with all the laughs during our time together that we actually got some serious photos :) Cannot wait to see what's in store for their newborn session!

September 23, 2010

Beautiful Miss {K}..... {Oshawa Baby Photographer}

Ummm, hello gorgeous blue eyes!! As I am looking through all of the images from Miss {K}'s session I am completely blown away by those insanely beautiful baby blues... Because she was about 12 weeks at the time of her photos there really wasn't too much hope of her sleeping through much of her session, but we did get to snap a few while she dozed in her father's arms for a few minutes.

September 16, 2010

Best sleeper.... {Toronto Newborn Photographer}

I was so excited to get these sneak peeks up and I am trying to restrain myself to just 3 of them. (for now...but I reserve the right to post more at a later date!!) Hands down, {L} wins the prize for being the best sleepy newborn I have ever met! During a typical session babies may have stretches of good sleeps, but this little girl was asleep when she arrived and stayed that way for pretty much all of her session! So exciting!! I almost didn't know what to do :) I was also excited to finally be able to use the wooden bowl I picked up a few weeks ago, (she was actually little enough and sleepy enough to fit!) and mom and dad were nice enough to let me try out the hot pink hat I crocheted last week.

Thanks {A} and {R} for driving out in the rain to see me! It was great to meet you! Hopefully seeing a few sneak peeks will have made the rainy drive worth it!

September 15, 2010

Meet Mr Serious.... {Cake Smash Photography}

He came...he smashed...he left... That was pretty much how it went during {M}'s Cake Smash session. He was just too funny to watch. He didn't cry, he didn't laugh, he just got right down to business and smashed that cake up into one giant crumbly mess, having a couple of tastes along the way. Amazingly enough considering that the cake was completely pulverized, he actually didn't get that dirty. A couple of swipes with the wash cloth and he was good to go! I can't decide if my favourite is the face plant in the cake or the one with the nice bit of drool dripping out of his mouth!

Oh and isn't that cake great? His mom made that! Check out her facebook page and see all the amazing cakes she makes: Cake Obsessions

September 14, 2010

Can't resist.... {Whitby Infant Photographer}

I just finished editing baby {C}'s images and even though I did post a sneak peek already, I cannot resist adding a few more photos. I just fell in love with so many of his photos, and it was well worth the effort to get them (he didn't want to sleep too much for us...not to mention we had to stop a few times for, um, cleanup duty. Just a hazard of working with naked 2 week old babies!)
Do you remember this photo from the summer? It is one of my all time favourite maternity shots. Well I was so pleased to be able to get the shot below it of both of them wrapped up in the gorgeous scarf that mom brought along.

September 10, 2010

Beautiful Belly.... {Whitby Maternity Photographer}

I wasn't planning on posting these tonight, but I have such a busy weekend ahead and I want to be sure that {K} & {A} got to see their sneak peeks. {K} has a few more weeks to go, but you never know, sometimes babies have a mind of their own and come a little early and I wanted to be sure they saw at least a few images before their little one arrives! I had such a lovely time with you both, and we managed to get the session done before the rain came Yay!! I look forward to seeing you a few weeks.

Final Watch me Grow session..... {Whitby Baby Photographer}

I cannot believe it has been a full year since I first started photographing baby {J}. Her parents first brought her to me for her newborn session and I have enjoyed meeting with them throughout the year and literally watching her grow! This was {J} final session in her Watch me Grow package, and we finished it off with a Cake Smash. If there is anything I have learned about {J} over this last year, other than the fact the she is simply lovely (as are her parents!), is that: a) she doesn't really care to have her photo taken ;) b) she really hates anything on her head such as hats or headbands! and c) turns out she really doesn't like getting cake on her feet LOL! Thank you so much mom and dad for being good sports about going out to the fields that day even though it was soooooo windy. I was just itching to use my new (old!) high chair outdoors.

September 9, 2010

4 weeks old... {Toronto Newborn Photographer}

Meeting baby {M} with his mom and aunt was so nice! At 4 weeks old he was so laid back and mellow. He certainly tried to stay awake for a while, trying not to miss the action I guess, but with a little patience and persistance (and a couple of feedings!) we were able to get him to sleep. I absolutely adore sleeping newborns...they just look so sweet and peaceful, not a single worry in the world. And would you just look at those lips!! Don't they just say 'kiss me please'?

September 6, 2010

Watch me Grow! {Toronto Baby Photographer}

I always love meeting with the {C-S} Family and seeing how much cutie pie {N} has grown. Here she is at 8 months...where does the time go? I pretty sure she was here just the other day for her newborn session...

September 4, 2010

Meet little 'C' {Whitby Newborn Photographer}

Just a quick sneak peek from yesterday's session...Little {C} made us work hard to get him to sleep and I just wanted to show mom and dad that we did indeed get some shots...definitely more than just these two :)

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