August 31, 2011

{Newborn Photography} About Safety

So, there has been a lot of talk lately in the newborn photography community about newborn posing and safety. I just wanted to take a minute to share my thoughts on this. Safety should always come first, and babies should not be forced into any pose that is unsafe or uncomfortable to them. Some babies can be posed certain ways, and others not. There are always so many factors at play and it is important for photographers to be able to read the cues the baby is giving them.

Under no circumstance should the baby's safety be at risk. Ever. Period. The reality is, that newborn photography is a form of art that is possible with the help of wonderful tools such as Photoshop. With photo editing software it is possible to create that oh-so-cute shot without ever having put the baby in a dangerous or uncomfortable situation. Lately people online have been discussing the chin in hands pose like below. Totally unnecessary to make a few day old baby support the weight of his head. It's actually much easier just to take two photos of the baby being supported by an assistant in two different location then merging them together with photo editing software. While I don't have any intention of giving too many editing secrets away here :), I just thought parents and newbie photographers might like to know that it can and should be done safely.

This applies to other poses as well such as the hanging hammock or sling poses. When I get the chance I will pop in another post showing the safety basics of that one as well. Safety is ALWAYS number one priority with me and risking injury to a baby is not worth any photo, in my opinion. Parents (including my clients!) if you ever have any questions or concerns please, pretty please speak up! Ultimately it is your responsibility to have the final word on your baby's safety and comfort and no photographer should ever tell you otherwise!

Yikes, something happened when I resized these next images...holy blurry. But you get the idea anyway :)

August 29, 2011

{Toronto Newborn Photography}

I am spending this lovely, sunny Monday editing the photos from Mika's sweet is he?!

August 25, 2011

{Durham Region Newborn Photography}

Once in a while it's necessary to reschedule a newborn session because the baby has decided she wants nothing to do with modeling :) This was one of those cases...the first time Eva came out we were fighting a losing battle from the get-go. Sometimes it's hard for parents to believe that anything would be any different on another day, but just one day later made all the difference in the world for Eva... Just had to share this for mom and dad to show them that it was worth the effort packing the diaper bag up and heading out again! When things quiet down in the studio and I get a chance to do some major blog catching up I will post more from her session along with a long list of other client photos I can't wait to share. (starting to think I might need an assistant to help with the blogging and administrative work!)

August 22, 2011

{Toronto Newborn Photographer}

Sweet baby Tallulah from earlier this month... will definitely have more to share of this beautiful babe later as well!

August 20, 2011

{Durham Region Newborn Photography}

One peek from baby Madden's session...more to share later :)

{Toronto Newborn Photography}

More wonderful newborn's certainly been baby fever this summer! Loved meeting this family, and not only did big brother let us get a few great shots of him and his little brother, baby K rocked his session by sleeping, well, like a baby!

August 19, 2011

{Toronto Newborn Twin Photography}

More of the gorgeous set of twins I got to meet back in July!

August 10, 2011

{Durham Region Newborn Photography}

I was feeling a little fun and creative and put this nest together and made the hat right before this little girl's session... and was so excited that I got the opportunity to use it right away! This nest has rapidly become a favourite of mine and my clients...I do believe I have used it in every session since this one a few weeks ago. Now I just need to make a boy bird hat!
Now what can I say about wee little Leah...she made my heart melt (or maybe that was just because it was so warm in the studio? LOL!) Seriously though, she was so precious and just rocked her session, she let us fold, squish and pose her anyway we wanted. Love it!

August 8, 2011

{Toronto Maternity Photography}

I loved this couple....they were so cute and so much fun! We did pop outside at the end of their session for a few outdoor photos and I am sure we were probably all questionning this idea after just a few steps out the door. I do believe this session took place during the hottest record breaking heatwave day last month :) But they were game and so was I and I am so glad because I absolutely adore this first photo! Their baby arrived recently and I am so excited to meet him very soon for his modeling debut!

{Oshawa Children Photography}

Had a great time with these kids and their moms at our 2nd annual photo picnic party :)

August 4, 2011

{Durham Region Maternity Photography}

I think this photo might just be one of my all time favourite maternity session photos!

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