October 26, 2011

{Toronto Maternity & Newborn Photography}

I have been fortunate enough to be extremely busy during the 2011 year and love and appreciate everyone one of the wonderful clients that have come to see me to capture such precious times in their lives! With a full schedule though, things do need to be prioritized and unfortunately blogging peeks has taken a bit of a back seat in effort to keep up with all my sessions appointments, editing of images and client orders. I am hoping to get back to it and update all the amazing little wonders I have had the pleasure to photograph! All of that being said, I just had to post just a few (well....quite a bit more than a few!) from a recent (if you consider 6 weeks ago recent!) session. This first photo just cracks me up... I LOVE IT!! I also love this family for trying out an idea that I had for maternity sessions. I think 'A' had a good time painting mom's belly :) And of course since I am so behind in blogging, baby 'C' has already arrived and had his session as well!

This is one of my favourite photos from this session...I love how simple it is, just about the baby and nothing else.

October 18, 2011

{Durham Region Newborn Photography}

Meet the beautiful Katina! Oh my, she could melt even the coldest of hearts!! How sweet is she?!!

{Toronto Newborn Photography}

Oh so sweet Emily...sometimes I wish I could keep them :) (then I remember that they don't always sleep at night!!)

October 15, 2011

{Toronto Baby and Family Photography}

Feeling a little black and white tonight :)

October 12, 2011

{Cake Smash}

I just love this little bear cake that mom brought in for Bella's session! How cute is that?!! Bella, however wasn't overly impressed at first with the task at hand so we invited big sister Sophia to join in and show her how it's done :)

October 11, 2011

{Guest Blog Post Series}

Welcome to the first in my new series of guest blog posts!! I am so excited to be incorporating some of the thoughts and experiences of my past and current clients. So many clients say to me that they had no idea what was involved in a session (especially the newborn sessions!!) so I thought it might be fun to share experiences from the point of view of the client for a change instead of hearing from my point of view. I already have a few clients lined up for guest blog posts, but would welcome as many stories as there are clients so if you are interested in sharing your experience just send me an email and I will give you all the details.

So without further ado sit back grab your coffee and read about the 'L' family's experience for their maternity session! (Just my two cents...I loved this session, and these kids ROCKED!! So much fun and personality)

Ever since starting my own little blog, here, I have a WHOLE new appreciation (read envy) for children's photographers. Getting my little one to sit still for a few shots is next.to.impossible. When I was pregnant with my third ~ I insisted on capturing the moment.
Choosing the right photographer was very important to me.

It was such an intimate, private thing.

And I hoped to get a few shots of my elusive (read: hates to be photographed) son during the process.

I found Shelly quite by accident.

She is not close to us geographically speaking.
But she was SO good ~ it was worth the drive. And then some.
She was welcoming. Warm. Kind.

She had cookies for the kids. (home-made. ahem.) Sweet words to make them feel comfortable.

Exactly what this boy needed.
To take this silliness ~

To this ~

Miracle worker? I think so.
My kids had so much fun, I kid you not, they DID NOT want the shoot to end. No small feat. Especially for the boy.

They talked about it the entire way home. About Shelly. (...about her cookies)

I love photographs. More than any other art form ~ a picture can capture what nothing else can.

But when you are VERY pregnant...it might just be the last thing you feel like doing.


Shelly captured a moment that was serene and beautiful.

I am happy every time I look at these photos.

They hang on our bedroom wall ~ a reminder of that exciting time...just before our little family changed forever.

I am so glad I found Shelly.

You can find her here.

October 7, 2011

{Toronto Baby Photographer}

Getting ready for the Thanksgiving long holiday weekend, so looking forward to the gorgeous weather, a bit of relaxing, a lot of editing :) and a big turkey dinner with all the fixings on Sunday! I hope that you are able to enjoy lots of food, family and friends this weekend!

I have spent the better part of today working on Claire's images from her recent session! She melts my heart just looking at her...And a big woohoo! that we were able to get a shot or two with her big sister!

October 6, 2011

{Toronto Baby Photographer}

Love seeing my newborn clients growing! For those of you that would like a good work out but can't afford a gym...well just hang out with a set of 1 year old twins...they'll keep you on your toes for sure!!

October 3, 2011

{Durham Region Cake Smash Photography}

Why hello there gorgeous blue eyes :) Carter had fun with his cake!

{Toronto Pregnancy Photographer}

Sneakin' in a blog posting during my all day editing marathon :) Another lovely couple about to have a baby... Ash and Shafiq hope you enjoy your sneak peek and I also hope that I was able to get it in before the baby arrives!!! Looking foward to hearing from you soon!

October 2, 2011

{Toronto Maternity and Newborn Photography}

It was such a pleasure meeting Fazilah and Aleem recently for their maternity session. They won their way into my heart immediately when they brought me a much needed coffee for our early morning session!! Thank you so much for that :) Ok, ok, they would have won their way into my heart even without the coffee...they were a delight to work with and I can't wait to meet their little one in a few weeks.

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