November 30, 2011

Newborn Photography | Baby Christina

{Sigh} How sweet is wee little Christina? I will definitely be sharing more from her session a little later :)

November 26, 2011

{Durham Region Newborn Photographer}

As we prepare to enter the craziness and chaos of the holiday season, just take a moment once in a while to appreciate the important things in life.....

November 24, 2011

{Toronto Child Photography}

I am really hoping that mom and dad will be thrilled that we got a great photo of their three one shot!! Let me tell you, this was by no means an easy task with these energetic little guys.

November 23, 2011

{Toronto Child Photographer}

I have been photographing Natalie since she was born and all throughout her first year and I was so thrilled when they got in touch with me recently to book another session! Natalie's going to be a big sister!!! She was so awesome during this particular session, really worked the camera...there were soooo many photos that I could have shared, but I tried to narrow it down to just a few...(a dozen counts as a few right?!) I think my favourite might have to be the tongue sticking out photo (and there were several of those!)

November 21, 2011

{Toronto Newborn Photography}

I had the pleasure of meeting this little guy with his mom and dad earlier this month! Santino was one of those babies that knew what he wanted and didn't want in terms of posing! All in all I think we managed pretty well considering that :)

November 13, 2011

Toronto Newborn Photographer | Newborn Safety

In some newborn photography circles this past week has been named newborn safety week and photographers are trying to get the message out there that safety is priority number one when it comes to photographing these precious little babies!! Many new photographers see all these great poses and mistakenly think that you must capture this final image right in the camera as is...This is not so. Photoshop (or other photo editing software) plays a huge role in creating newborn art. Many of the beautiful newborn images you see out there are the result of the creativity of the photographer during and after the session.

There are many different approaches to creating a final image. Some require the use of two or more photos to create a composite (I use this technique often) or sometimes one photo is used and unwanted elements are just cloned out, as in the example below. I use both methods regularly, just depends on the pose/image and my mood :) as to which one I will use. Parents: please understand that while this type of image can be done safely, not all babies are up for all poses. I will not attempt a pose if I feel your baby is not suited for it. There is no image in the world that is worth putting your baby at any risk. Most of these types of images do require your baby to very comfortable and soundly asleep. Even the simplest of blanket poses aren't for every baby. It is very important to read the cues the baby is giving us as to what he or she will be comfortable with.

So here is a little glimpse of a before and after. This first photo is what I used to create the bottom photo. The baby was never lifted above the large 40" diametre bean bag more that what you see here, a couple of inches. Dad kept his hand behind the baby's head to stop him from swiveling around and mom was ready with an extra hand right at the side should their baby have decided to wake up and stretch. I usually have someone hold their hand right near the baby until I am ready. They can pull their hand away and I snap the photo and the hand can go right back. Before even getting to the camera we carefully test the baby's weight distribution by gently lifting him with a hand underneath supporting him.

November 10, 2011

Toronto Newborn Photographer

I love the images we got from this session....

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