March 31, 2012

Fundraiser ~ Ride to Conquer Cancer

I have been trying for days now to figure out how to word this post. It's a bit more personal to me than just sharing sneak peeks. Over the years I have met the most awesome clients, but one family in particular really struck a chord with me. The 'W' family was referred to me by one of my other amazing clients and I was happy to meet with them for 'M''s cake smash session. What I didn't know at the time of their session was that mom had actually been diagnosed with a in-operable brain tumour while pregnant with this oh-so-sweet little girl. I will tell you that I cannot even begin to imagine what that must feel like. The good news is that Lindsay underwent chemotherapy treatment and although the tumour is still there doctors are optimistic that the size of the tumour can be managed, allowing Lindsay to lead a full and happy life.

Their story hit home with me for a couple of reasons. Of course, as a mother myself, the idea of being given this kind of news before my baby was even born would have been devastating! The other reason it meant something to me was that my father died of brain cancer a few years ago. That experience in itself was lose my father when I was in my mid thirties just seemed so wrong. By that point I felf as though my world was falling apart. How could he have cancer? He was a good man, kind, generous, funny... a wonderful grandfather to my children. I was so incredible angry at the time...not just because of what was happening to him during the 4 months that had gone by between the diagnosis and his passing, which was bad enough, but I was pretty sure that the Cancer Powers That Be were playing some kind of cruel joke on us. You see my mother had just passed away from lung cancer almost a year to the day before. It was like a repeat experience one year apart. My mother, the nicest, gentlest soul in the world. The woman that everyone knew and loved. The mother, grandmother, wife and daughter that selflessly took care of so many others, suffered horribly at the hand of Cancer.

A cure needs to be found. Like now. No one should ever have to go through experiences like this. How many of you have had personal experience with Cancer? Too many, I would imagine.

Ok, now I feel like I am starting to rant and that wasn't exactly what I was going for :) But this is what cancer does...even after several years, the anger and sadness I felt back then is still there...I remember it like it was yesterday :(

When I found out that Lindsay was part of a team participating in the Ride to Conquer Cancer I knew that I wanted to support her somehow. You can read her story here and donate if you like. They have held different fundraising events throughout the year and I knew this was something I could help with and was happy to be able to donate a full photo session (including ALL the high resolution edited images from this session) to raffle off in order to raise money towards their cause.

The draw will take place April 28, 2012 at 3 pm. Tickets are one for $5 or three for $10

Details: Full standard session for up to 5 people; can be used for newborn, maternity, child or family session; all of the edited high resolution digital images included (approx 20-40) A $1150 value

If you are interest in purchasing tickets please contact me at and I will get you hooked up!

Please help this little girl's mom and her family in the Ride to Conquer Cancer

March 28, 2012

Sibling love | Toronto Newborn Twin Photography

How sweet are they?!! More to come of this gorgeous duo ♥

March 27, 2012

5 days new | Durham Region Newborn Photography

I love it when they are so teeny-tiny and so new ♥

9 days new | Toronto Newborn Photography

So sweet at 9 days new ♥

March 21, 2012

Cake Smash | Toronto Baby Photography

LOVE the birthday hat that mom found and brought in! So cute!

March 18, 2012

Toronto Newborn Photographer

Sugar and spice and everything nice...that's definitely what little girls are made of ♥

March 15, 2012

Old friends...| Toronto Newborn Photographer

I was so thrilled when an old friend that I hadn't seen in way too long (like a couple of decades!) got in touch with me a while back to let me know she was pregnant. Meeting up after all these years was amazing...I truly felt like no time had passed. I admit that I was a tiny bit worried that it might be a little awkward after all these years, but I was just as comfortable with her now as I was back in high school when we were "BFFs" (a term that definitely didn't exist back then!) Thanks 'T' for coming out with your mom and 'A' . Your little girl is simply delicious!! (even though she peed on me...♥)

March 14, 2012

Beautiful Belly | Durham Region Maternity Photography

Early in March I was at the Durham Parent Baby and Kids Show and saw past and current clients and met a few new clients along the way! It was a great weekend to be able to get out there and chat with prospective parents about newborn and maternity photographic art. So many people don't know what is involved with newborn photography and I was happy to provide any information I could.

One thing that struck me was the number of mom's that commented that although they definitely wanted newborn photos they were very reluctant about getting maternity photos done because they had stretch marks and such! Please don't let that stop you from capturing this moment in your lives!! Skin markings such as stretch marks are removed so easily during the editing process and you will be left with a gorgeous memory of this wonderful time in your life. Remember that for the average woman this experience only happens once or twice in their lives so why not celebrate it to the fullest extent!

If you are hesitating for any reason at all feel free to contact me and I will happily answer any questions you have!

This lovely couple stopped by the studio last month to capture a few precious belly photos and I am very much looking forward to meeting there little one in a few weeks ♥

March 12, 2012

Darcie | GTA Newborn Photographer

Another post peek, Darcie came to visit the studio back in February when she was jus 13 days young ♥

Joshua at 10 days old | Durham Region Newborn Photographer

I am starting to feel like I am about gazillion or so sneak peek blog posts behind :) In fact this is not even a sneak peek! Gallery info went out to mom and dad this afternoon, so it's actually a post peek! Enjoy a little glimpse of Joshua at 10 days old ♥

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